What is the FS-5281D?

The FS-5281D is an easy-to-install AI-powered Smart Door Counter that works as a thermal image sensor to count walk-ins. There are two models:
  • FS-5281D(B) is battery-operated and requires replacing batteries every four months on average. See battery specifications below.
  • FS-5281D - uses a 5V DC power adapter (not included) connected to the mini USB port.

How many devices do I need?

At least one (1) FS-5281D is required to count walk-ins, and one (1) FS-8320SG to transmit date to the dashboard.

Where do I position the door counter?

  • When mounting on the ceiling, install inside the store, facing downwards, centered to the door. Distance from the door should be half the distance between the door top and the ceiling.
  • When mounting on the wall, install above the door, centered, with a clear line of sight.
  • Install the sensor at a height between 6 to 12ft above the floor, centered at the door.
  • Leave a clear line of sight (no obstructions) for FS-5281D.
  • Install within range of an FS-8320SG to transmit data to the online dashboard (FastSensor recommends 15 ft. and a clear line of sight).

How should the Sensor be mounted?

The FS-5281D is designed to be installed between heights of 6 and 12 feet above the floor. Mounting is simple using supplied mounting adhesive or use M4 screws (not included).

How do I collect the data from the Sensor?

The only way to retrieve the data is through an encrypted connection via API or online dashboard.

How do I use this to count foot traffic?

Use your credentials to log into the dashboard. Then use the filter options to visualize the data & graphs or download the Excel spreadsheet.

I have a battery-operated FS-5281D. How often should I replace the batteries? Can I use any battery? What battery should I use?

The battery-operated model requires two D size Lithium batteries (Li-SOCl2). You must use Li-SOCI2 batteries only.

My door counter is plugged in, has power, but isn't communicating. What should I do?

The door counter requires a FS-8320SG to transmit data to the cloud servers. Please, refer to the FS-8320SG FAQ for additional information.