The FS-7620 Foot Traffic Sensor gathers anonymous, non-personal radio frequency (RF) signals for FastSensor’s positioning and behavior analytics platform.

How many Sensors do I need?

At least one (1) FS-7620 is required to count walk-by traffic.

Where do I position the Sensor?

  • Install the sensor at heights between 9-20 ft above the floor.
  • When pairing with a door counter, install FS-7620 near the door counter to ensure the best data transmission (FS recommends 15ft. and a clear line of sight).
  • Do not install the Foot Traffic Sensors inside enclosures or walls; do not mount on large glass, metal, or moving surfaces; do not mount above ceiling tiles.
  • To measure walk-by traffic, install the sensor near the entrance.
  • Keep the sensors between 20-50 ft. apart for a multi-sensor deployment (FastSensor recommends 40 ft.).

How should the Sensor be mounted?

The sensors are compact, lightweight, and can be fastened to poles, walls, C-stands, ceilings; must have access to power and LTE signal.

How do I collect the data from the Sensor?

The only way to retrieve the data is through an encrypted connection via API or online dashboard.

How do I use this to count foot traffic?

Use your credentials to log into the dashboard. Then use the filter options to visualize the data & graphs or download the Excel spreadsheet.

My Sensor is plugged in, has power, but isn't communicating. What should I do?

The Sensor uses LTE to transmit data to the cloud servers. A communication issue is related to poor LTE signal, similar to problems you may face with your cellphone. Try to relocate the device to a place with a better LTE signal, and use the antennas to increase the signal strength.